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TogetherShare Data Recovery Free is a file recovery application that helps you to restore those archives you thought were gone forever. Among its compatible formats are video, audio and general documents. It allows you to retrieve those archives that you may have deleted by accident, and are no longer in the recycle bin.

The download of this software includes three different tools; Lost File Recovery, Complete Recovery, and Partition/Storage Devices Recovery. Each one of these options focuses on a different part of your system, looking for the elements you choose before it starts the process. The first mode is a simple and quick way of recovering the elements you feel necessary. The second one, the Complete Recovery, allows a deeper analysis of your memory device than the previous option. The last option detects previous partitions on your hard disk in order to bring back files that were stored on them.

Bring back again those archives that could be deleted by accident

The application not only works with lost archives, but also with corrupted data. It allows you to recover compressed files that weren’t available before due to memory failures. This software is also compatible with external memory drives, so you can also retrieve documents from different drives, or even devices such as portable MP3 players or digital cameras.

A difficult task in a few steps

First of all, once you have started the program, you will be asked to choose from among the different available modes. Then, a new menu will appear in which you can see the compatible formats in this application sorted into groups such as Photo, Audio, Video or even Email, and files you download. These formats will be detected after TogetherShare Data Recovery Free scans the available partitions that appear in the following menu.

The success ratio for the recoveries is high, and it is even capable of recovering files from former Windows installations. Thanks to this, archives that you thought to have been fully deleted after to previous hard drive formats can be recovered as if they were never gone, even with their original path intact.

One of the functions that make this software very useful is that it can skip bad drive sectors automatically, so avoiding wasting time analyzing parts of the memory drive that can’t be used again. The application is very simple to use—following the steps previously outlined you won’t have any kind of problem recovering your lost archives.

TogetherShare Data Recovery Free 4.6 Features

Here you can check the main characteristics of this recovery software:

  • It is compatible with more than 1,000 formats of multimedia archives, emails and documents, guaranteeing support for your lost data
  • It works with your internal hard drives well as additional memory sources such as flash drives and digital cameras
  • It has a fast drive-scanning process, skipping bad sectors and saving time during the process
  • There are three different options to choose from, for focusing on which kind of search you want
  • A file preview allows you to check the final outcome before you run the process of recovering deleted archives

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System Requirements

These are the requirements for TogetherShare Data Recovery Free:

  • Operating system: Windows 2000 or newer
  • CPU: x86 family system or better
  • Memory: 128 MB RAM
  • HDD: 32 MB free space on disk

You can find more information through this before the download.