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Subway Surfers 1.16.1

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Run away from the police after writing graffiti on the walls of the subway

By Frank Kanyua

On Thursday, November 27, 2014

Subway surfer is a game like no other, it is a catch me if you can kind of game ,where we meet mike and Sarah two subway graffiti artists who are being hunted by the police. You mission is control mike away from the police, you can also choose to play as Sarah. The game has many offers which can help you escape double tapping the screen will activate hover board.

As you also move along you will be required to collect gold coins which you can use to upgrade your character with or buy other staff. Other tools such as a jet pack, running shoes, gold stars and many others will be found along your way.

Daily challenges will be launched and you can choose to finish them or just leave them. The challenges will include finding missing letters or collecting specific items, like money bags, screen cut boxes, prize boxes, alien toys and even running a specific distance in one run.

There is a magnet which attracts all the coins but the magnet doesnt last for a long time, the best iv used the magnet is when i combine it with a jet pack or running shoes.


I see some similarity between temple run and subway surfer. The game play is the same cats and robbers. but the fun is still atomic. Completing the challenges will earn you an upgrade to new cities like japan and china among others. Also collecting specific items will unlock different characters in the game. Boredom bye bye.. Download the game share with me your high score.


  • the game is very easy to play
  • upgrades are always available .


  • the game is 100% addictive
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Surf the world in style and avoid getting caught by the officer

By Ellie Teller

On Thursday, August 20, 2015

Subway Surfers is an endless runner videogame for mobile in which you have to make the longest run possible without crashing or getting caught by some annoying police officer who dislikes kids that surf the railways. Crazy, right?

The gameplay mechanics couldn’t be easier- just swipe your finger in the direction you need to move so you avoid obstacles and jump over trains for a safer route. You can also roll to get under other obstacles too big for jumping. This seems easy at first, but the game increases its speed gradually, so you will have to stay sharp. You will collect coins as you progress, these are used to purchase improvements for the power-ups you can pick up during the run, such as a coin magnet that will attract all that money towards you! Even though the game is simple and somewhat repetitive, it gets regular updates that change the scenario. You can surf places like Tokyo, Rio or Moscow.


  • Fast paced gameplay with simple mechanics
  • It gets regular updates with new content


  • It gets repetitive after a while
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Run as fast as possible avoiding barriers and obstacles as you eascape from the police guard.

By Reka Gimbi

On Monday, November 30, 2015

Developed by Kiloo and SYBO games, Subway Surfers is a running game where a graffiti artist called Jack is found by a police guard on the railway tracks doing his graffiti job and he decides to run from the guard who has a dog. So this game is all about Jack, the police guard and his dog. Jack runs from the police guard and you need to guard Jack along the train tracks and do all aspects required to keep him from being caught. The tracks has obstacles and barriers which you have to control Jack to jump them or dodge them. When jumping you slide your finger up and Jack jumps the barrier, to dodge you slide your finger down and to escape right or left you slide the finger on the side you want to move. You have to keep high speed running to avoid being caught by the guard. As you run you also need to collect coins which when accumulated you can use the buy power-ups and characters. The coins can also be used to buy upgrades for the characters. The speed increases as you go and barriers too increase. Do not leave any power-up since they have different functions in the game like there are power-ups to increase speed and score and others which can help you get more coins. the coins can then be used to upgrade power-ups to make them last longer.

Try Subway Surfers and you will never get bored to run along train tracks and dodging so as not to be knocked by coming train and other barriers.


  • It is designed so as you visit many palces like New York, Miami and the rest.
  • It has power-ups to help you along as you play.


  • You need to be very careful to avoid obstacles on the way.
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • Subway Surfers us into a fun adventure starring Jake, a young graffiti artist. We will be chased by a guard station and train your dog. We run to escape them while dodging trains that come from the front, mounted on our your skateboard. In turn other saltándolos must avoid obstacles and collect as many coins as possible.

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What similar programs have you used?
  • I like this game because I and my brother and my sister can play it together without quarrelling also we tried to download all the past years


Subway Surfers is a mobile game developed by Kiloo and SYBO games. With an endless running gameplay, this app entails escaping from a police officer and his loyal dog through the train tracks. However, this task is not easy: you have to avoid all kind of obstacles and barriers that appear in your way. You have to be very agile and jump, duck or dodge every obstacle so as not to slow down your speed, or simply stop and get caught.

You have to avoid all kinds of obstacles and barriers that appear in your way

At first, you control Jake, a young graffiti artist who crashes into the train station. A police guard sees him and Jake decides to run as fast as he can. In your way, you have to collect coins that will serve you to buy upgrades to your character. You can also buy power-ups (that can be found in the tracks) and new characters to play—for instance, Spike, Yutani, Lucy or Tricky.


The gameplay of Subway Surfers is pretty simple—you just have to avoid barriers by jumping, ducking and dodging. Performing all the movements is easy: to jump you have to slide your finger up on the screen, to duck just slide your finger down, and to move right and left, slide your finger in your desired direction. That's all! However, don't go thinking it is too easy, since your reflexes will be tested as endless obstacles appear without warning. The first stages of the race are easy— your character does not run too fast. However, if you are able to keep running, your character will increase its speed and you will have less time to react.

Even when the gameplay may seem a bit repetitive, the developers won't let you get bored. They offer upgrades often, so you can visit different places such as Sydney, Rio de Janeiro, Moscow, Tokyo, etc. In this way, Kiloo strives to keep its app fresh, and at least you won't see the same background again and again.

Regarding power-ups, there are different kinds. For example, the Coin Magnet and the Jetpack will help your get more coins, while the Multiplier and the Sneakers will increase your score or speed respectively. With the coins you collect, you can upgrade these power-ups, making them last longer or improving their performance.

Subway Surfers 1.16.1 Features

The outstanding features of Subway Surfers are listed below:

  • Cartoon-like graphics
  • Power-ups to get more coins or improve your abilities
  • Endless running until you hit an obstacle
  • Lots of playable characters such as Jake, Zoe, Tagbot, Ninja, Fresh, Prince K, etc.
  • Several places to visit: Rome, Miami, New York, etc.
  • Fast-paced gameplay

If you are interested in Subway Surfers and you want more information about this game before you download it, feel free to visit the developers’ website .

System Requirements

These are the minimum system requirements to correctly download and play this app on your Android device:

  • Operating system: Android 2.3 Gingerbread or later versions
  • Free space: 30 MB available

If you want to download it to your iOS device, the minimum system requirements are:

  • Operating system: 5.0 or later versions
  • Free space: 48.9 MB available