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Avid Media Composer 8.3.0

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A powerful and versatile video editing software perfect for professionals

By Beatrice Tan

On Monday, November 24, 2014

Avid Media Composer is one of the leading software application in the film and video editing media industry. I have been using this software for a while now and even though its designed for professional video editors, I find the software to be relatively easy to use for everyday purposes. This is due to its highly intuitive user interface, an efficient workflow process and a ton of resources available on the developer’s website.

Avid Media Composer lets users edit videos professionally with an array of features that include the ability to edit HD, SD and 3D stereoscopic material. You’ll also be able to create 2D and 3D effects and graphics as well as compose video titles in 2D and 3D using NewBlue Titler Pro. Control over colors is also not a problem with this software. Correct flaws in color as well as mix and match colors in videos any way you please. The main menu is positioned up top and the workspace is intuitive, even though the software itself is on the complex side. You’ll also be able to work on projects quickly and fluidly due to the efficient workflow process the software provides.

As you use the software, you’ll also have access to the tutorials available on the developer’s website. So there’s no worries if you encounter problems along the way as you create your project. For paid users, they’ll be able to contact customer service easily and conveniently. Overall, Avid Media Composer is an excellent film and video editing software that you have to get your hands on.


  • Leading video and film editing software for professionals and intermediate users alike
  • Powerful editing features make this a remarkable video editing software


  • Software may be a bit intimidating and present a learning curve for novice users
Ease to access guides and manuals:




For what are you going to use the program?
  • To learn and understand Avid Media Composer.And also to take advertisements on own.I think this software can improve my knowledge to go head.

  • I am going to use this program for a project in Sociology & anthropology. We're going to make a campaign about Person with Disabilities awareness

  • Wedding Movies, Landscape, Nature and the arhiveing of my raw footage. I wa to test it against Final Cut Pro and see what program is working the best

  • I want to download this program, avid media composer, so I can edit my audio and videos for my intro to video course that I am currently taking

  • Home use video compositions,also institutional projects i.e schools church PSAs free adds. Also demonstrations for post_ production classes.

What similar programs have you used?
  • filmora video editing is a similar program that i have used and i dont like it. tried premmiere so long to even download because of creative

  • i used cyberlink power director before for my non professionals film making. i find it good but i find something more. so i want to download this software

  • avid media composer 5 ,Storymix VideoStitch Studio , ClipGenerator, VSDC Free Video Editor ,final cut pro ,Windows Live move maker , adobe premiere pro cs6

  • Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere and you know what? I'm a student trying to complete his thesis film. I really need the software so that I can start editing again.

  • sorry a am not using any soft ware and thar ust i want compose my videos for personely only and one mosre thine i didmot try till now this type

What do you like most about this program?
  • creating titles with title tool and edit video and press the shortkeys on my keyboard looking at the picturesm, experience the soundscapes xD

  • effects and most wonderful technology, it is very help full too much in editing movies and we can change background of any scene it is important

  • video editing, color correction, FX effects, creating new blue title, masks, fade in and out, mirror effect, blurring, good sound files and i

  • I don't know yet. I just want to learn about this software because I'll need in my job. I expect that it be like the adobe's softwares. OK?

  • avid media composer is a very easy to use program especially for news reports and documentaries and films.ive been using this program since 8 years


Avid Media Composer, known by the most users as Avid, is a Non Linear Editor (NLE) developed by Avid Technology for professionals. With this comprehensive video software, you not only will be able to edit normal video or SD (Standard Definition), but also HD (High Definition) videos.

The latest version of this software has been retouched with the idea of enhancing the workflow rate, which makes it easier than ever to work with more projects and high resolution media. You can create everyhing that you need: reframe, animate, revive the colors of the shot and apply the same effect to other frames in a batch; all in a non-destructive process.


How to use

Avid Media Composer is loaded with advanced functions and effects, and despite being dedicated to professional users, anybody can learn to handle it smoothly with free video tutorials from the Avid Channel on YouTube . As for the new tools of this download, Dynamic Media Folders allow you to automate (run in the background) everyday functions, such as transcode, copy or consolidation process. Direct Clip Gain in combination with Master Audio Fader enables you to optimize the sound and adjust the audio parameters directly on the timeline.

Enhancing the workflow rate makes it easier than ever to work with more projects and high resolution media

Media Composer Interplay Edition offers the ability to synchronize and share an editing project with a team over distance, as if they were in the same room, due its compatibility with Interplay Central, Interplay Sphere and Interplay Production. In the latest edition, Avid Media Composer 7, the high resolution workflow has been improved with FrameFlex, which are a set of new tools that allow users to control the whole creative process. But Colors Space Conversion also joins in this improvement.

Adjust the color
Adjust the color

Avid Media Composer 8.3.0 Features

These are some of the features of Media Composer 7:

  • Avid Media Composer’s Ubiquity. Avid ISIS allows for collaborating and sharing a project with your team, without the need to be in the same place.
  • Edit directly on files with a variety of different formats, SD or HD
  • Edit 3D is included and you can feel free to mix it with 2D videos
  • Smart Tool operates on the fly, while you are editing, manipulating the transitions and adjusting the edit.
  • It corrects the color accurately and in batch processing. Artist Color, Boris Continuum complete or NaturalMatch are some of the tools you can use to get the best color
  • Apply stunning visual effects to your project. Add a professional touch with 2D and 3D effects, animations, titles or compositions
  • Achieve great sound quality with the new audio recording, editing and mixing tools. It includes twenty audio effects, a Pro Tools plug-in, dynamic modifiers, etc.
  • It is compatible with AS-02/AS-11 MXF through AMA, and this feature enables you to create many versions of the same sequence without duplicating files.

If you want know more about this software before you download it, feel free to check the developer’s website .

Add special effects
Add special effects

System requirements

The minimum system requirements for a correct download and installation are the following:

  • Operating System: Windows 7 Professional, Service Pack 1 (64Bit)
  • Processor: Intel i7 Quad Core or equivalent
  • RAM Memory: 4 GB
  • Graphic Card: NVIDIA Quadro FX3
  • HDD: 250 GB of SATA disk