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Keep you phone free from junk that uses you phones memory for nothing

By Frank Kanyua

On Monday, June 1, 2015

Icleaner is an iphone app used to clear all unwanted files and folders from your device. this cleaner does a very good job since everything must go. It can clean everything you want it to clean from apps , browser cache, messages and anything else you want it to clean. It doesnt leave residue. Some cleaners are tricked into leaving residue which can be used to track or view log info of your device. Icleaner will remove all of this and no trace of the app files can be traced.

The iphone cleaner also cleans default app that came with the phone, if you have an app that you have never used since the day you bought your iphone, you can do away with it, alsp it can delete languages and even ios updates which are not in use. Iphone doesnt receive many apps like android since most users prefer android but once you taste what iphone has to offer you will surely want a piece of the action as well.

The icleaner can be set to clean the phone after a specified period or after every reboot, all the option are on your finger tips.


This cleaner is better than most cleaners since it wont lag your phone, it clears even your browser cookies and with enough messing with the settings you can set it to clear your browser cookies every second. This will make it impossible for most sites to track you.


  • It cleans every thing you want it to clean
  • can be set to auto clean


  • The app requires you to jail break the iphone
Ease to access guides and manuals:



Clean and remove unnecessary data on your smartphone and leave it as brand new

By Reka Gimbi

On Tuesday, October 20, 2015

When your smartphone has little memory left it tends to hang or even gives low performance while operating it. Thanks to iCleaner which can help clean and delete unnecessary data that makes your phone performance poor. iCleaner also removes all unwanted private data, deletes cache memory, cookies and old messages, all these are the most common that occupy much space in the phone. It can completely clean your smartphone and restore it to the factory setting. Immediately you finish with the download and installation, you see a window with settings on what you need to remove from your device. At the top is analyze and clean and at the bottom is the brush, plus sign and settings. All these have different functions, the Brush is for deleting where you choose the section you need worked on. The plus sign is for removing language, multimedia content, keyboard and more. The settings has all the work since it is for excluding the app you don't want removed, search for updates and also access of technical support for help.

If you want to sell your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch you need iCleaner to completely clean them and leave them as if they were from the factory. You can also clean your smartphone if you need to see a phone like it were newly bought.


  • It completely cleans the phone to leave it as if new.
  • Can remove the language of your device.


  • You need to purchase to use this application.
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • i am going to use iclenaer to remove the other from my ipod as it is taking up a lot of space which i need for storing music. I have tried everything else

  • cleaning my application cache on 4s Once the download is complete, double-click the installer to begin the installation process eakjkjjhjjhjyyy

  • A cleaning application for leaving your iDevice brand new Review iCleaner is a mobile application used to clean and remove unnecessary data on my smartphone

  • clean my iphone. it is very slow. what else do you want me to write in this stupid window??? why is there a limitation of 128 characters? imsl

  • To clean up my iphone storage space. I heard about it through website and i wanna try that. I hope it will be a wonderful experience by using

What do you like most about this program?
  • This download a cydia app that doesnt require jailbreaking your phone and android phones as well as computers like windows , toshiba , mac, and lenovu.


  • this is the best clener asoftware i ever seen the only thing it has is that its not freeit should be free to everyonre it cleans up the whoe

  • like cleaning iphone ok this is too muchwith this free program good buy i have no more to write useless thingi will appreciate its job on the phone

  • It is so useful - always help me with all kinds of problems i am dealing at the moment. simply explained, fast, easy to understand.thank you


iCleaner is a mobile application used to clean and remove unnecessary data on your smartphone. Thanks to this download you will free up all the content of your device and make sure that it does not retain unwanted private data. It also allows you to delete cache memory, cookies and old text messages, common things that occupy a lot of storage space.

Performance like iCleaner’s has to be paid for, and for that reason, this software is not free. To keep working the way it does, with no ads and as fast as it is, this app needs to remain like this. iCleaner is able to remove private content if you want to sell your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and “reset” your devices as if they were straight from the factory.

How does it work?

When you download and install iCleaner, the first window you will see contains the settings that let you choose what you want to remove from your device. At the top, you have two options: Analyze or Clean. At the bottom, you will see three different tools: the Brush, the Plus sign, and the Settings.

iCleaner is able to remove private content in case you want to sell your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and ‘reset’ your devices like they were straight from the factory

Let’s start with the Brush. With this tool you can select which sections of your device you want to work on. You can choose from Safari (it will delete all the cookies, history and cache memory); your installed apps (it will remove temp files, cache, etc.); log files, temporary archives and even configure your cleaning process by selecting file types.

You can choose the files the software can work with
You can choose the files the software can work with

The Plus sign lets you remove languages, keyboards, languages of voice control, and multimedia content you have on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, like wallpapers, images, iTunesArtwork files, etc. Finally, with the settings you can exclude applications you don’t want iCleaner to analyze, change the language of the software, search for new updates and access technical support if you need further help.

Once you have configured your settings, iCleaner lets you both analyze and clean all the content on your device. The first option will make an exhaustive search and display how much space it will leave after the process. The cleaning option will remove all unnecessary data and leave your mobile as if it had just left the factory.

After the process it will show the storage that has been removed
After the process it will show the storage that has been removed

iCleaner 0.9.13a Features

The main features this app has are as follows:

  • With iCleaner you can remove unwanted data from your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch: cookies, temporary files, cache memory, navigation history…
  • It analyzes and does a complete search, looking for unnecessary content
  • iCleaner has added support for Google Chrome
  • With this version you can now remove your device languages
  • iCleaner has the added ability to of remove unwanted images from iPad
  • After the cleaning process you will need to reboot your device

For further information about this app, feel free to check the developers’ website .

Minimum system requirements

The minimum system requirements you need to download iCleaner are:

  • iOS 4 or higher
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch