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By Angel Angeles

On Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Programmers who do not use use the components drag and drop for graphical creation can now use JCreator to edit their programs. It is available for windows operating system and Unlike many other java editors Jcreator is efficient, reliable and even faster. Htm, jsp, xml, txt and jar are just but some of the formats IDE supports. With JCreator users can use templates such as code completion, syntax highlighting, word wrap, spelling checker and even wizards. The best part is withJCreator a user can customize the interface depending on what they need.

Navigation and viewing is even possible at the same time using different files. Withcode folder functionality a user can hide modules that are not very important. I want to believe that JCreator was basically introduced to make programming task faster and easier. Because of its rich feature set JCreator can be used by advanced programmers while its management which is very easy qualifies it as the best choice for those beginning java programming.


  • It is very easy to manage
  • Its interface can be customized depending on users need


  • Only available to those using Microsoft windows 98
Ease to access guides and manuals:




For what are you going to use the program?
  • initiation to java object oriented programmation. As beginer, I first need basics knowledge in java and I am intended to learn while practising

  • For programming and studies because I was enrolled in the world of programation. My professor recomended that software for to initilitate write in JAVA

  • im going for my program assignment and its so many thats why i need this jcreator for my programming if its possible can you please give me a full version of this creator

  • i have a homework submission due today and youre wasting my time making me say nothing THAT MATTERS... WHAT ABOUT A RADIO BUTTON ??? i HOPE U GO BROKE

  • I am using this program for school purposes. I have to create a MyScannerProject and it is due on the 23rd of October, which is this Monday.

What similar programs have you used?
  • i have used j creator pro before using Jcreator le 5.00 program for my computer science class in school. this program required experience and

  • Polymorphism Inheritance Encapsulation Abstraction Classes Objects Instance Method Message parsing exception handling super class main class

  • I had used programs with similar functions with JCreator like Intellij, NetBeans, BlueJ and others that i don't really remember now. It's for school purposes.

What do you like most about this program?
  • it will make my work a lot easier because i use this in my school to create a program which is my course, information in technology and its fun

  • very important in my project. i used to created my progrma in school at 3 years. I never has problem with jcreator. Thank you to this download make possible.


JCreator is a Java integrated development environment that is available for the Windows operating system. It is a useful editor for programmers who don’t use drag-and-drop components to create graphical interfaces in their projects or for novice programmers. JCreator is more reliable, more efficient and faster that many other Java editors.

This IDE supports several formats of files such as .txt, .jar, .xml, .jsp, .htm and many more, including .java, of course. JCreator provides project templates, wizards, code completion, project management, syntax highlighting, spelling checker, word wrap, unlimited undo/redo, comment selection and many other features that make your development of Java projects, applets and Web-based projects easier. If you download JCreator you will be able to customize its interface according to your the needs.

JCreator is more reliable, more efficient and faster than many other Java editors

Jcreator allows viewing and navigating easily through different files that can be opened at the same time. It enables you to hide the modules that are less important with its code folder functionality. This editor detects when a new block is starting and ending. Exchange and manage your code with its CVS and Ant integration. JCreator is an IDE that is focused in making the task of programming easier, and especially faster.

Additional Information

JCreator is a great choice for beginners in Java development because of its intuitive and easy management, while it is also recopmmended for advanced programmers due to it versatile and rich feature set. This tool is available for working in the Windows operating system, but you can try to work with it in other platforms using Windows emulation tools as SoftWindows for Mac and SWINE for Linux, although its stability is not guaranteed.

On the developers' official website you can find a lot of free help for handling JCreator. The installation is explained in steps, and there is a Tour product that can be very helpful for taking as much advantage as of this IDE as possible. There is Java, CVS, Ant and JSP support, with several comments and screenshots that help to explain any of your doubts. It is possible to download JDK from the official website and also download Java API documentation.

JCreator LE 5.00 Features

  • More than an ordinary editor— it provides faster speed, ease of use and customizable interface
  • JCreator offers a complete set of functionalities such as project templates, project management, debugger interface, code-completion, wizards, syntax highlighting, and others
  • Run or compile your Java programs without having to first activate the document
  • Easy-class browser and project viewing
  • Soured code navigation
  • JCreator is written in C++. This make it more efficient and faster compared to many other Java based IDE’s
  • Ant, CVS and JSP support
  • Use JDK tools for debugging, compiling and running your projects
  • It allows you to call on external utilities and functions
  • JCreator is compatible with JDK older versions

Feel free to take a look to the official website here

System Requirements

  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows 98
  • RAM: 64 MB
  • HDD: 10 MB of free disk space
  • It is necessary to install JDK (Java Development Kit) for making JCreator work