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Buster bros (Pang) is the remake for mobile devices of the famous Capcom arcade game Buster Bros. Developed by Pekusoft, this game gives you the sensation that you’re playing the classic arcade game of your old console. Once you download it, you will see that the gameplay remains the same, and even the settings are the ones you used in the console’s version. You will visit Japan, Australia, London and so one while destroying all the bouncing balloons that are threatening the Earth.

The gameplay remains the same, and even the settings are the ones you visited in the consoles version

Graphically, the background is pretty simple: there is just one pic of the most famous or iconic monument or place in each country . The difficulty increases as you complete levels, and more and bigger balloons appear. You have at your disposal power-ups and bonuses such as the clock or the hourglass that help you in your adventure.


As in the classic game, you have at your disposal a limited armory, comprising just four weapons. The default one, the Single Harpoon with unlimited ammo, is your loyal companion against the balloons. As you destroy them, other weapons fall from the sky. The Twin Harpoon shoots twice at a time, with no necessity of waiting between shots. The Grappling Hook shoots once, but remains attached to the top of the screen for a limited time. Finally, the best weapon you can get is the Machine Gun, which lets you shoot very quickly and with no interruptions.

Regarding power-ups, in Buster bros (Pang), you will find the same ones as in the original games: the previously mentioned Hourglass and Clock, which respectively slow down the balloons and stop them completely; The Force Field, which protects you and does not allow balloons to touch you; and the Dynamite, which explodes balloons, changing them into their smaller form.

Buster bros (Pang) contains 50 stages to play, divided into seventeen locations. Once you complete one location, the next one is unlocked, until Easter Island, the final, and of course, most difficult one. Throughout the adventure, you will visit emblematic places such as Barcelona, Egypt, Antarctica, or New York.

Buster bros (Pang) 1.4 Features

The main features of Buster bros (Pang) are:

  • Four weapons to face balloons: Harpoon, Twin Harpoon, Grappling Hook and Machine Gun
  • Power-ups to help you: Dynamite, Force Field, Clock, Hourglass and Extra Life
  • 50 stages to play
  • More than 15 locations, including the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, Mt. Fuji, Taj Mahal, Paris, Athens, and Mt. Keirin
  • Different blocks and sizes of balloons
  • Unlimited ammo

If you are interested in Buster Bros (Pang) and you want more information about this classic arcade game before you download it, feel free to enter .

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements to correctly download and play this free app on your mobile device are:

  • Operating System: Android 2.2 FroYo or later available versions
  • Free Space: 3.3 MB available on your device