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This game was started to help people to identify their vocal sounds

By Rock Raymond

On Wednesday, January 28, 2015

This is a game which was started by starmaker interactive and which is always available for Android and ios devices.This app helps alot because it helps one to show off his/her vocal skills when he/she shares their tracks through the facebook or twittter.It also offers a chance to store your recordings.Starmaker helps one to improve their vocals using auto-tune or magic tune effects and this is what has helped many singers allover the world yet some people just sit and wonder where their fellow friends have gone to school to improve on their vocals.No school my dear people,just visit starmaker and improve on your voice.This is possible to beginners because they will just go to pre-compiled list and check all the lists with all sorts of songs compiling of classic songs,rocks,rnb and more,the so called easy-to-play tracks and many more.This Karaoke app requires a number of systems to run and some of those that I am familiar with are Android1.2.1 and not below that and also requires space.This means you have to get a hard disk of 24MB available space for Android only.


  • Helps one to improve his/her vocals.
  • It helps to modify the voice using built-in-Auto-tune.
  • Allows one to share their creation via the facebook or twitter.


  • This application cannot operate with a hard disk of less than 24MB for Android.
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sing a song and the application corrects you through an auto sound effect

By Joeli Mut

On Tuesday, March 29, 2016

just as the name suggets the application is well able to turn a simple vocalist into s star by rectifying his or her sound.Once you download the app and have it set up in your device you will have the option of singing a song and later the app automatically records the song.It will add some effects through the auto tuner effect and make some changes depending on where you sound has some loopholes.Their main thing that the developers of starmaker are into is to make a singer shine because after you have recorded your song and it has been published you can share the music via social networks for example twitter and facebook.There is the audience and aspiration form major artists and songs from all around the world.Hit songs from very popular artists are also available to encourage you to keep on going.They have also offered licensing to very many songs.


  • they make you shine all over
  • some of the hit songs from around the world are also available here


  • there are some things you have to purchase
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can you sing your way to broad way, or just the bathroom type?

By Frank Kanyua

On Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Star maker is karaoke setup, that allows you to sing and your voice will be automatically tuned . The app stores all your records every time you finish singing. The app always tries to remove the background noise, it also lets you know when you make a mistake in the tones, an onscreen lyrics is also available.

The app is only meant to build your voice and not to record your own songs. There is a select number of artists embedded in the app. The fact that today's artists don't really have to know how to sing , this is as a reason of auto tune. it can make you sound like a chick when you are a dude..

this app will help you out because if you want to learn how to hit high pitch or bass you will just choose the artist with those features, the app will then rate you this will help you change the flaws until you make it . the lyrics will also be moving so this will enable you to practice your breathing to meet specific tempo.

The app will also enable back up voices this will help when you reach a chorus where more than one voice is needed. the auto tune is optional so if you know you can really sing, or if you have had more practice you can choose to turn it off.

The rate you get will be exchanged for coins which you can choose to get more songs. You can save the songs in mp3 or mp4 and the songs you download have different prices. The fact that you cant load your own track makes this app loose some value..


This app is the best teacher if you are planning to start singing. Download this app and rate what you will find out. after 2 or 3 lessons..


  • auto tune is enables .
  • large number of sample songs


  • you cant add your own song
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • Sing and enjoy my time while hearing myself again ! it is a beautiful application to use while being bored ! i will search for my favorite songs too ! iam so excited

  • personal use to sing along with songs. I am not a singer, but anything to make my voice sound nice is ok. Thanks a lot for developing this..

  • for improving my singing skills,enjoy meeting new people,improving vocal codes and to publish my songs so evreyone can hear it. i love this app

  • i am not a singer but i love singing and also my friend and my family members tall me that my voice is very good so i want the application to sing

  • for my children to play, because they love singing and they have a great time with this app, i only hope it works in my computer bacause my phone is full.

What similar programs have you used?
  • the teh app by star maker I use to sing kareoke songs on android bt I want a pc version of starmaker so,I searched this wow app for pc

  • I have used karaoke,cant really remember but it was something called smule.But star maker is the best music singing app i have ever tried...

What do you like most about this program?

  • It allows me to connect with myself and express my voice in a way I haven't previously. It's a gift to upscale our talent, taking us to new heights.

  • This is a best recording software which record and mix sound very well so i can can use this program in someway it is helpful to make a song

  • I love the quality of the recordings. The song choice is great and i feel like there is a lot more fun I can have with this programe rather than an normal voice recorder

  • very good with access to almost all songs. lovely application for emature music /singers and shy persons. i strongly recommend to all beginners. sushant gupta


Starmaker is a karaoke game developed by Starmaker Interactive. It is available for both Android and iOS devices. This app allows you to sing all your favorite songs and then hear your voice modified by a built-in auto-tune effect. You can then share your creation via Facebook or Twitter, or simply store it, as Starmaker creates a record of every song after you have completed it.

This karaoke app responds correctly to your voice, letting you know if you are hitting the right notes while it displays lyrics on the screen. The app offers a wide range of songs from artists such as Katy Perry, Lady gaga and Taylor Swift to mention only a few. Bear in mind that the tracklist is pop-oriented, which means it's bad news if you don’t like the genre. Nevertheless, you will find some rock artists like Foo Fighters, The Police or Bruce Springsteen to keep you happy.

The Stage is Yours

Starmaker allows you to sing all your favorite songs and then hear your voice modified with the app's built-in Auto-Tune

Have you ever wondered how Pop Stars achieve that robotic, flawless tone of voice? Well now you can too thanks to an informatics miracle named Auto-Tune. Being your own Pop Star is easier than ever, as this game can apply auto-tune to your own voice after singing any song. You just have to select the song you want to sing, and the lyrics will start scrolling on your screen. When you start singing, if you fill the empty bars by the the lyrics, then you are singing in tune. What's also great about Starmaker is that before you even start singing, you can activate backup vocals to partially mask your own voice and also preselect which kind of effects you want to apply to your voice. You are free to use the Auto-Tune, the Magic Tune (a subtle version of the first one) or if you are confident enough, turn all effects off. After the song you will receive points depending on your performance, and those points will turn into coins that you can use to buy new tracks.

Tracks have different prices, ranging from 50 to 250 coins and the most popular songs also tend to be the most expensive ones. You can sort songs by title, artist and price, or check some pre-compiled lists with easy-to-sing tracks, classic songs or “Staff’s Choice” among others. Additionally you can find a VIP service that unlocks even more tracks for you to play, but that requires payment using real money.

Starmaker 2.9.3 Features

Check the features of Starmaker before you download it:

  • Wide range of songs to choose: sing hits such as Born This Way, Call Me Maybe and Get Lucky
  • Different effects: improve your vocals using Auto-Tune or Magic Tune effects
  • Set high scores: you will receive points after every song. Try to get five stars!
  • Pre-compiled lists: check some lists with easy-to-play tracks, classic songs, etc.
  • Share your tunes: show off your vocal skills by sharing your tracks via Facebook or Twitter

If you are interested in Starmaker and need additional information before you download it, feel free to check the developer’s official website.

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements to download and run this karaoke app are:

  • Operating System: Android 1.2.1 or higher/ iOS 6.0 or higher
  • Hard Disk: 24 MB free space available for Android/ 34 MB available for iOS