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For what are you going to use the program?
  • I am using lot of mp but i am not fully satisfied with their features and performance as well therefor i need a comprehensive one, Entertainment

  • I'm going to make awesome newbie music with this software. This is really good for jotting down your musical ideas. Even the complete framew

  • this program is the one am i learning to create music withpersonal entertainment so i kindly request that i may have it installed in my pc

What similar programs have you used?
  • this program is the one am nn i learning to create music withpersonal entertainment so i kindly request that i may have it installed in my pc

  • I have used Fluity loops, but it doesn't good for me because FL studio is just some steps behind AudioSaun. I saw people using this software and I admire it.

What do you like most about this program?
  • it is a good beginning, with a lot of space to experiment and still a challenge for trying all those adjustments, buttons, and sound effects

  • Apllication is cool because it is so easy making music. You do not have to worry about coopyright. You can make your own music using electronic keyboard

  • Its the best music software around compared to all the free version available this software does marvelous job in producing live sound that are truly astonished and great listening to it.

  • composing paying and mixing it is with Audiosauna an easy and fine app to make your own compositions and play different instruments and so on

  • availability, good software, want something neat and compact, to mix with, so hope to enjoy it. I havent really tested it out yet fully, but


AudioSauna is a complete and free digital audio workstation with which you can create your own songs with the tools it provides by default. The main feature of this application is that it is completely online, but the projects you create are saved on your hard disk, so you can manage them as you wish.

This online music maker has a simple interface without too many details, since it is designed for bringing you into immediate contact with the essential subject, which is arranging music. AudioSauna bases its sound on sound synthesis, and for that reason you will only find a couple of tools, but, you can also add a sampler for loading external sounds. This way, despite being somewhat limited to digital sounds, you can achieve realistic instrument effects easily.

There are several presets for a wide range of elements, such as basses, pianos and for creating beats easily

From what we could check, it is a limited tool for professional music composition, but it is also pretty good for practicing with polyphonic synths without having to download heavy software. AudioSauna works directly from your browser, which saves you space on your local disk. The customization of the different synths is just perfect for those users who know how to treat these instruments, but if you don’t there are several presets for a wide range of elements, such as basses, pianos, and for creating beats easily.

Example of piano roll with a sampler
Example of piano roll with a sampler

Perfect for starting over

There are some times that you need direct access to your music maker software, but you don’t have the time or the access to your usual hardware configuration. In these situations, AudioSauna is easily reachable from any computer and won’t require additional settings to start working with it. You just run the application, and it will work straightaway.

The few tools included in the software are highly customizable. There are two different synths, a frequency modulation and analog synth, and an additional sampler with which you can load local audio files. All of these digital instruments have several presets that can be also configured to your liking: not only oscillators and filters, but also the mapping for your keyboard.

The way it works is the usual for this kind of software. AudioSauna includes a microstepping sequencer in which you introduce the different notes you play in a piano roll. Then you can modify the result in realtime with the mixer, adding new effects, applying delay or reverb, or changing the tempo of the project. Finally, AudioSauna gives you the option of downloading your work to your computer, completely for free just by clicking on the menu above the sequencer.

AudioSauna 0.404 Features

Here you can check the characteristics of AudioSauna:

  • Create online songs and save or download them onto your local system
  • Built-in audio effects and instruments without the need to install additional software on your computer
  • Complete customizable synthesizers able to change their waveform, LFO, modulation, distortion or algorithm
  • Modify devices in real-time with different filters, and set the volume settings with the included mixer
  • Arrange your new songs with the sequencer and modify your projects in the Piano Roll mode

If you want to learn more about AudioSauna, you can check its creators’ webpage through this link.

Recording a part of the project
Recording a part of the project

System Requirements

These are the requirements for your system to run AudioSauna music maker:

  • Operating system: Windows XP SP 2 or above
  • CPU: 1 GHz processor or faster
  • Memory: 256 MB RAM
  • HDD: 1,443 KB free space on disk and additional space for your projects
  • Chrome Web browser previously installed