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For what are you going to use the program?
  • for business purposes. I want to editing photo that I shoot, enhancing them, changing their background and giving some life that your application offers (Pixlr Editor)

  • photoediting to enter competitions for amateur photographic competiitions and I dont want to use online versions as the best time i have is a

  • Make a presentation for my team. we are participating in a seminar which is based on the wild life photography so need to edit some pics, for

  • Tweak colour, sharpen, crop, and erase unwanted portions of photo. resize, add vibrancy add a vignette, convert to black and white, I hope that facilitly is there?

  • im going to use it as editor for my school project.I downloaded already the apps for androids and its satisfied me thats why I want to try it also in my desktop.

What similar programs have you used?
  • Not any.I have photoshop power point and word adding photos.I need a program to alter size of photos according to media being used.I use canon images.

  • i have used photoshop before and also ,collage maker pixlr editor before and now interester to check out pixler express,as i guess it will be good

  • i have used picasa editor but it is not good yet becoz of its quality of pictures then i want to try pixlr express version so that i can edit the picture in my way

  • nothing. All I have ever used is this kind of program. There are 76 minus 10 characters and I feel so obligated typing my reasons. Farewell.

  • pixlr express 2.2.1 anad photo bocket i have no other idea please try to communicate on that kind of server. do hjhiuhkjnihj kjhuihklhiuh hgi

What do you like most about this program?
  • picture quality of edditing is unique and it is fast .but others have to just discover own my own cause its first time using this program thts it.

  • this program has been great features and it just give some thing to learn obout photo edditing and its art of heal shines and other effects.

  • ombining a potent photo editor with a collage maker and basic camera app, Pixlr Express succeeds in being an all-in-one phdsgsgsgoto editing

  • i like this program because the filters are good enough for making a picture more beautiful and creative. Pictures with noise can be reduced

  • It has an easily maneuvered interface which can be utilized by anyone who wants to embark on the path of visual designing. Its awesome that its free too. Makes you love the world and the developers a bit.


Autodesk Pixlr is a photo editing app to give your pictures a fresh and finishing touch or simply to have fun. Pixlr is a three-in-one program that integrates Pixlr Editor, Pixlr Express and Pixlr-o-matic. The three steps will give you the opportunity to edit, fix, enhance and add as many effects, stickers and frames as you want to your memories.

Completely free, this app for PC and mobile devices (tablets and phones) is the perfect app for those with an interest in photography but no time to learn expensive and complicated software. Just install the app on your system, and with few simple and intuitive clicks, you will see how incredible your photo editing skills can be. Autodesk Pixlr convincingly does all the things that other applications can’t provide, even for a fee.

How to Use

To install and start using Autodesk Pixlr is quite easy; just download any of the Pixlr programs on your device or from the official website and start working. Open the app and choose tp pick an image from your system or take one on your webcam. Then you can start playing with it until you have the result you´re looking for.

With Pixlr Editor you will have a bunch of photo-editing tools ready to be use. Select an image or just start creating your own. Paint, resize, insert text and add as many filters and effects as you want. You work will be organized by layer, so it will have the same workflow as famous photo editors such as Photoshop. Your resulting image can be saved on your system, in the Pixlr library or even be directly uploaded to Facebook, Flickr or Picasa.

Pixlr is a three in one program that integrates: Pixlr Editor, Pixlr Express and Pixlr-o-matic

Pixel Express will help to add nice effects to your work. Simple adjustments, stickers and text can be added easily. It´s not as complete as Pixlr Editor but in addition, Pixlr Express have webcam support and a fun Collage tool. Completely customizable, this last option helps to create a lovely photo canvas for printing. Pixlr-o-matic is probably the simplest and most effective of the Autodesk Pixlr pack. Just select your picture and start choosing between the effects, lens aberrations and frames. It is one of the best options to give your pictures an old-fashioned, nostalgic style.

The three programs do not cost a cent and can be downloaded to any Android and i-device. You will have to install it separately but with this review you can have an idea of what each does, and decide which one you need most. The PC is an online version and has the advantage to have the whole Pixlr software all together in one place. Totally recommended for social networking enthusiast.

Edit, retouch and resize images
Edit, retouch and resize images

Pixlr Express 2.2.1 Features

Check the latest Autodesk Pixlr app features and discover all its editing possibilities:

  • Edit, retouch and resize images
  • Balance photo color, light and contrast easily
  • Erase the red eye effect and whiten your teeth
  • Add light effects and adjust intensity and orientation
  • Choose between multiple frame styles
  • Add interesting photo effects to your memories
  • ‘Favorite’ system to organize your most used tools

For more information, please check the developer's website .

Add interesting photo effects to your memories
Add interesting photo effects to your memories

System Requirements

Before downloading, please check the minimum system requirements to use Autodesk Pixlr:

  • Platform: iPad, iPhone, Android, PC (online)
  • Hard Drive Space: 9MB free HDD space

For the PC version a broadband connection is mandatory to access to the website.

  • Multiple and attractive effects
  • Quite fast, able to check results instantly
  • Interesting UI with a vintage touch
  • Compatible with webcams
  • Weak import and export options