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PiZap 4.2.4

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By Kevin Kimaita

On Monday, December 15, 2014


This is an application that helps you to edit your photos to make them look very funny by allowing you to ad some very funny stickers.Later you can be able to share them on the social networks for example facebook and many other social network sites.For you to create this funny stickers you must create some online mosaics and collages that then you can improve them using this funny stickers and to add on that you must be very creative create this. For your work to be published in their website you must be register an create a user account with the website.And the thing that makes me love this application is that you do not have to be a guru to do this only just follow the simple instructions there.


He following are the features for pizzap 4.2.4

One can be able to share their photos on social media platforms for example face book.

One completes their photos with some stickers that make them look funny.


Create your images and make your desired editing and then share hem later.


Easy to use as it’s not complicated the user interface is slightly confusing.


  • Easy to use as it’s not complicated
  • it is very fun to use.


  • the user interface is slightly confusing
Ease to access guides and manuals:



Laugh Hard and Share Your Crazy and Funny Photos Online

By Beatrice Tan

On Monday, September 1, 2014

Photographs are one of the best ways of saving memories. It helps us to feel back the experiences we had and reminisce all the laughter on that moment. Having some applications to enhance our photograph is a blessing. We have this control on what we want to do on a certain picture. And lots of photo editor have been raging the market but there is this editor that I love the most and it is called the PizAp.

With this application, there are lots of things that we can enjoy. What I like about this application is that it has lots of collage layouts and it fits my character of being humorous so what I usually do, I turn serious photos into funny ones, with all the filters and the crazy stickers I can paste on the picture I am working on. There are no steps to follow in enjoying this application, just be creative and work with your imagination. Users just have to take a picture or can simply choose a photo on their gallery, enhance it with the use of the different filters and funny stickers. What I enjoy about PizAp is I can share my edited photos to different social media sites which can be seen by my friends and my followers.

If you want to laugh in the near future with your photos, I suggest everyone to use this application. It’s really crazy and it brings a lot of fun and entertainment as well.


  • Easy to edit and share pictures
  • It is easy and fun to use


  • It has limited variety of stickers
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Leave your friends amazed at your images by adding wonderful crazy stickers and effect to them using PiZap 4.2.4

By Jackson Mbindyo

On Friday, June 12, 2015

Many people all over the world have been using photos and images as a way of conserving memories. However for pictures to have the real meaning and state of things at the time of capture we need to add some effect in to them and with the help of PiZap all photo lovers have all reasons to smile. With this app users are able to edit their photos online by adding some crazy stickers and effects to reflect the moods of the moment. The already edited photos are easily shared on a number of social networks platforms including Facebook and instagram among others

With the kind of imaginations and creativity one can think this app offer unlimited ability to the kind of crazy and funny additions you can make to any photo at any time. This app comes for free and comes without any feature restrictions. This app is very simple and easy to use and the process of starting adding the stickers to your photo is very easy.


  • - Allows users to share their photos with other friends and other users on social networks
  • - Supports a wide range of font sizes
  • - It is very easy and quick to edit photos


  • - The user interface is a bit tricky and confusing
  • - Need internet connection to use
Ease to access guides and manuals:




For what are you going to use the program?
  • to design my pictures fantastically and enjoy the happiness of photogenic i will love to used this program everyday to make my pleasure time

  • for my personal use to make greeting cards of all occasions and enhance some photographs that i want to post in social media as my profile picture

  • I would like to use this program for editing my pictures from my collection to make it more appealing, attractive, beautiful and nice to see.

  • its kind of usefull for my personal use to edit my pictures and documents and also for my future photos specially as a photographer freelance

  • Educational image development, for classes, digital production, for students and teachers, physic, biology, chemistry, math, literature, dream

What similar programs have you used?
  • not any yet hard to find the best where we can download and edit photos always adds in between or a trail virsion witch is so irretating need

  • i have used photo express application for photos editing and done effects on photos but it is old version so i want to download new app. pizap

  • pdf downloading microsoft sofware uploads and errors problem solving with codes programming of games on laptop desktop androids etc with great enhancements

  • pizap is good of all other program, it has so many options which make me to access,clarity of pictures are very well developed, its our pleasure to use this website

  • I have used no programs or apps similar to this one so i do not have much expierience on these sort of things I just got it for a youtube channel

What do you like most about this program?
  • collage. enhancement, photo editors, frames accessible to all teenagers like me. They also offers different tints shades of filters that i like


  • everything keep us in style with today's life activities, current events, sports, christian and sacred expressions. I see it's very popular on facebook

  • font style it shows some different letters which other app does not have and em soo much fasinated about that so i need to download this nd hve more fun

  • What I enjoy most about this program is the fact that it caters for many different types of photo editing and is easy to use. Also, it's free :D


piZap Photo Editor is an online photo editor quite famous on the Internet, thanks to its multiple filters and possibilities. Create online mosaics and collages from your computer or your mobile devices and improve them with crazy stickers and effects. Share them with your friends online through your most important social networks.

As you might notice, we are not talking about a simple photo editor here. Actually we don’t think piZap can be considered as a photo editor, because the main purpose of this app is to add funny stuff to your memories to create a crazy picture to laugh about with friends and family. Check it out and share your creations online; the only limit is your imagination.

How to Use

Once you get into the website you will notice it´s not the best-designed app in the world when adapted for the web. Let’s remember though, it is a piece of freeware software and deserves the amount of publicity it has been receiving. Anyway, the UI adapts perfectly to the space and once we recognise the difference between the tools and the ads, it’s quite easy to work with, without any problem.

The main idea of piZap is to be as creative and imaginative as possible

piZap is free app and you can use it without any restrictions. There is a possibility to register and create a user account, then with the Creator you can publish your art on the official website. There are six different options to start working with piZap: “Edit a Photo”, “Facebook Timeline Covers”, “Make a Collage”, “Backgrounds”, “Twitter Header Cover” and the “Webcam Effects”.

Use piZap is quite simple. It doesn’t require any previous knowledge, you just need to follow the steps to instantly visualize the final results of your picture. Select a photo from your gallery or simply use your smartphone camera or webcam and start playing with it. As we have mentioned, the idea is to be as creative and imaginative as possible.

piZap is the perfect solution for creating amazing social network profile pictures. Simple, easy and full of possibilities (it seems to be the app with the most photo frames, backgrounds and whimsical borders) this app is recommended for all users, even those with no knowledge of image editing. If you have a passion for photos and good sense of humor, you can make the most of this app.

Complete your pictures with stickers
Complete your pictures with stickers

PiZap 4.2.4 Features

piZap photo editor is a frequently updated freeware application, with these main features:

  • Incredibly colourful filters
  • Multiple collage layouts for your creations
  • Complete your pictures with stickers
  • 70 different fonts, with glowing and bubble texts
  • Share your pictures on Facebook
  • Quickly edit the pictures on your mobile device
  • More content than any other online photo editor

For more information about this app, before downloading, please check developers' website .

More content than any other online photo editor
More content than any other online photo editor

System Requirements

piZap photo editor is an online app to retouch your pictures quickly and without involving difficult software. Just log in to the website, select your photos and start adding as many effects and stickers as you want. A broadband connection is the only neccesity.

For mobile devices the minimum requirements are:

  • Operating System: Android 4.0 or iOS
  • Hard Drive: 15MB

  • Multiple funny photo ideas
  • Quite easy to use
  • No registration needed
  • Slightly confusing UI
  • Its not as complete as other photo editors