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customize your dragons to the way you want and make them fight

By John Joe

On Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The developers of this games are very creative the game starts when you are in a city when you have some dragons with you but they are not very many though they will be many as you proceed on with your game. You also have enemies in the city which you must subdue and to do this you need the dragons to fight for you. In the later stages of the game you have to breed the dragons so that they are modified and become super dragons and they will help your fight your enemies so that you receive two prices which include the following money and some gems. Who doesn’t want this therefore download it and accomplish the mission of finishing your enemies.


Train dragons so that they fight for you during wars in the city

You can breed the dragons

You have to fight your enemies which id hard but at the end of it all you get a price.


The dragons are awesome in the way that they can fight.


  • there are a variety of dragons to fight with
  • it is a creativity game


  • it can become boring at times
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Build a magical kingdom in Dragon City!Become hundreds of Dragons, feed and upload level to become a Dragon Master!

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Friday, February 26, 2016

Dragon City is a Facebook game, created by Social Point. This is to create a world of your own dragons, which are achieved: by buying, pairing 2 Dragons, winning them in the Skill Journal, as a gift from friends in the Black Dragon Market in the reward of winning them on Monday or events special.

The Dragons must go obtaining feed to take them to a higher and higher level to make them stronger and thus able to defeat your opponents in battle you do during the game. Each dragon here is unique and special.

Get fun raising all the dragons you can and trying to get them all and so shows that you are the strongest! But remember, when you level up, everything will be more difficult !.

Raising Dragons is a fun way to increase the number and uniqueness of its population of dragons, and the money earned by them increases per minute.

Breeding dragons mating a variety of eggs that hatch baby dragons. Eggs are randomly generated based on the elements of the mated pairs.

Gold is the main form of currency in the game. The main form of collection is dragons themselves.

The money can be obtained from:

Gifts friends

Clicking habitats

Bonus Journal

Completing certain goals

Dragons sale or other things that may (if desired)

Food is mainly accumulated in the game by building and harvesting on farms

Food can also be obtained from:


Daily bonuses

Gifts friends

Completing certain goals

as gems are "Citycash" Dragon City. It is the most expensive game money because with them you can buy anything, accelerate processes that require time, buy dragons whether normal or special events, accelerate daily bonus opportunity, etc.

They can be won by:

Level up

Winning a match at the stadium

Win a league

In the Skill Journal

Reward Monday

Buy real money

Completing certain goals

Completion of the collections in the Book of Dragons.


  • You can entertain for hours
  • Dragons and landscapes are beautiful


  • At the end you can do something repetitive
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Be The Best Dragon Trainer In The City And Get All Those Treasures

By Kyle Daniels

On Monday, October 13, 2014

Simulation games are now raging the list of games to be downloaded by gamers. These games make users think critically and it actually enhances managing skills to come up with intelligent techniques on how to run a city or an island. It also nourishes the mind to be more organized in coming up with decisions.

I was really wowed when I got the chance to play Dragon City. The graphics are amazing and the movements of the dragons are smooth and somehow realistic. Dragons here are not wild they are cute creatures in this game. The game play is awesome. Gamers can breed dragons up to nine dragons. Dragons are also categorized like the hybrid, the dragon that user have breed, Elemental dragons are the first dragons in the game and Legend among others. Dragons in the game can also fly and sleep, making the whole game plays really exciting. Gamers here are ought to train their dragons very well and prepare them for battles to earn gems or money. Once dragons win a battle, it is where gamers can have a treasure. Music is quite relaxing.

I advise everyone to try this if you are looking for a game that is easy to play and entertaining.


  • Gamers can create new breeds of dragons
  • Movements are smooth and realistic


  • Dragons have limited abilities in the game
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • To play dragon city and get new dragons and increase my level with new packs I'm excited to see what this program has to offer for mobile device

  • i love playing it beacause i have played it earlier and my data on facebook was deleted therefore i would like to play it again every time .

  • Downloading Dragon city beacuse i love it and i wish i had it so i came here to download it for free its the best game ever created in human

  • my favorite game because the game I have been playing for a few weeks. It just wants me to play and not do any homework at all. Dragon city is great

What similar programs have you used?
  • I have played dragon mania legends on facebook before this and i thought this wold be fun to play because i love dragons and any games involving them

  • lots of games all kinds depends on what system i am using, nut like most games and so do my kids so anything that looks fun to try we ususall

  • i have also used andy for clash of clans and other but i cannot remember at tjis moment in time. sorry. i hope this one will be as useful as

  • I have not used any similar programs accept for Dragon City on Facebook.I have no idea what you are meaning by this question and that's all I know

What do you like most about this program?
  • it lets you download this for free witch makes it much easier than paying especialy for people that do not have alot of money like me so thank you

  • I like about it is I can explore many places, meet a lot of hurdles and of course it is challenging enough for me to come across different c

  • leveling up collecting dragons completing tasks and earning currency and well lets just say everything i like everything so amazing cant nothing beat it

  • I like the fact that it is diferent than most and allows me to have a crazy wild and kinda of weird or even strange side and let it out so...

  • I like everything about website its very intresting and its beautiful it gives lots of informtion. if i was the manger i would be very pround


Dragon City is a city building game developed by the Spanish company Social Point. In this adventure, you have to build a dragon city, obtain all available dragons, and feed your reptilian pets until they develop to their full potential. In addition, you can train your dragons and organize battles with your rivals.

You can train your dragons and organize battles with your rivals

At the beginning, you will start with just a few types of dragon. By mixing dragons, you can obtain new ones. This way, you can create new dragon species and train them to compete against your enemies. The graphics are good enough to be able to see all the minute details of your dragon pets. In addition, you will find many animations; the dragons are certainly not static, they fly and move through the island, they ask for food when they are hungry, and they sleep and wake up, too.

Dragon City started out as a Facebook game, and for this reason, the connection with this social network is an important factor. Sometimes, you may need to connect the app with your Facebook account to obtain support from your friends. For instance, some habitats need the help of a friend to be opened.


The most outstanding feature of the game is, of course, dragons. You can breed dragons from nine different elements and create excellent hybrid dragons. New species are really cool, and if you are smart, you can create incredible ones. Dragons can be divided into Elemental (the ones you have at the beginning), Hybrid (the ones you create), Rare Hybrid (mixing between hybrids) and Legend and Exclusive, which are the most difficult to obtain. Therefore, if you manage to get the Droconos, the Nirobi, the Robin Hood Dragon, the Alien Dragon or the Plankton Dragon, you can be sure you have a treasure.

Dragons are also divided, depending on their natural element. Thus, you can breed eight different kinds of pets: Terra, Light, Flame, Metal, Dark, Legend, War and Pure. The other most important element is battles. This is important since you can use your dragons to combat other ones and obtain goods such as gems or money. Depending on their element, some dragons are more powerful than others.

Dragon City 3.0.3 Features

The main features of Dragon City are listed below, check them out:

  • You can breed and play with more than 100 dragons
  • Facebook connection to get support from your friends and also rewards
  • Ability to visit your friend's realms
  • You can combine different species to create new ones
  • Battle with your enemies to get money and gems

If you are interested in Dragon City and you want to know more information about this app before you download it to your mobile device, feel free to visit the .

System Requirements

Here you can see the minimum system requirements to correctly download and play Dragon City:

  • Operating System: Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or later
  • Free Space: 44 MB of available space

If you want to download and use this app on your iOS device, check out the minimum requirements listed here:

  • Operating System: iOS 5.0 or later
  • Free Space: 53.7 MN available on your device