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By Kevin Kimaita

On Wednesday, December 10, 2014


This is a fighting game in which the player which is you has to prove himself as a true ninja because he has to fight his way before reaching the ninja master. He has been informed of a clan that is trying to rise again and he has to develop his skills to jump through the walls and rolling throughout the cities.Kuro who is the main character of the game is regarded as a true ninja because of is acrobatic moves so as o avoid some if the traps that are set on the way on also the way he is solving some of the puzzles on the way.


The following are the features for shadow blade 1.1.1

There are 40 different levels to pass through.

There are no power ups in the game for the character called kuro.

There are various weapons to use in this game.


This is an adventurous game and it is fun to play.


  • Easy to control kuro the ninja
  • the game is very fun to play


  • the graphics are of very poor quality
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Shadow Blade is a platform 2D game developed by Dead Mage Game Studio and published by Crescent Moon Games. Once you download it, you will become Kuro, a young man who has to prove himself as a true ninja. His story begins one day when, whilst relaxing in his house, he receives news about the dangerous Amida clan. They are rising again, and his duty is to inform his Sensei. Unfortunately, he has a long way to go to reach the Ninja master and this way is fraught with menaces and threats.

You will become Kuro, a young man who has to prove himself as a true ninja

You will have to develop all your skills to guide your character and avoid his defeat. Above all, you must be stealthy, but you can also perform moves such as slicing, swiping, leaping, wall-jumping or rolling to travel through the cities. Apart from the enemy, you must also avoid traps and solve puzzles by pushing a specific button, and more. Enjoy the acrobatic moves of Kuro and save him from death.

Graphically, Shadow Blade doesn´t stand out from the crowd, but the visuals are sufficient to appreciate all of Kuro’s moves and environmental details. Kuro will travel through several scenarios, each one more dangerous than the last, and thanks to its graphics, you will notice the influence of oriental details in the environment. Become the Shadow Blade and warn your Sensei.


I have to say that regarding controls, platformers for touch-based mobile devices are not especially effective, yet Dead Mage has done a good job. The gameplay does not suffer the misfortune of having touch-based controls since the developers have created them intuitively and optimally for use on such devices. You will use on-screen buttons to guide your characters and perform attacks and moves. With the joystick, you go left or right, and you can attack and jump with the A and B buttons. By combining buttons, you can perform the rest of the moves, such as sliding, swiping, etc.

An advantage (or disadvantage for some users) is that there are no power-ups when playing. Therefore, you only have your own abilities to successfully complete the game. You will not have support, but the enemies will become harder as you advance in your adventure, so you will have to improve your gameplay. You will have 40 levels to develop your abilities and become the real Shadow Blade.

Shadow Blade 1.1.1 Features

Here, you can see the main features of Shadow Blade, check them out!

  • 40 levels to prove your ninja skills and complete the adventure
  • Excellent graphics so you can enjoy all the details of the environment
  • 2D Platform gameplay
  • Lots of weapons to use against your enemies
  • Easy controls to guide your Kuro provided by on-screen buttons

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System Requirements

In order to correctly download and play this app on your mobile device, first check the minimum system requirements:

  • Operating System: iOS 4.0 or later
  • Free Space: 155 MB available