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Google Talk 2015.513.1632.5

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Communication with your loved ones is made easier with Google Talk

By Everlyne Naliaka

On Thursday, February 5, 2015

GOOGLE TALK 2014.1119.433.4

Google Talk also known as Hangouts is free software a product from Google. It is user friendly software that enables the user to communicate through voice calls and instant messages. Its features allow the user to receive instant messages even when offline, update status anytime you feel like. You do not necessarily need a desktop to chat but you can use your phone or computer to communicate instantly.

More about this amazing software is that it enables the user to create chatting groups; it displays the music you are listening, phone and video calls are made possible as long you have the plugins, you can as well also export contacts from your Gmail account.

Apart from supporting google accounts, it is also made compatible with other formats like Adium, Trillian, Gaim, I chat among others you can easly work with any since they share jabber technology. Though some regard this app as old fashioned it is loved all over the globe because of its simplicity and user friendly nature. Its both suitable for novice and experienced person.


  • Allows the user to make calls worlwide
  • user friendly and simple to use
  • instantly massage the clients even if they are offline


  • regarded as old fashioned style
  • you can not access unless you have a gmail account
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Reach Friends and Family from Anywhere in the Globe through Smart Phones

By Maria Bernabe

On Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Although discontinued, Google Talk has been renamed since to Hangouts. It is now more popularly used in Google+ and alongside many other Google tools. However, non-Google+ users are still able to use it especially through Gmail.

Google Talk 2014, or GTalk, is a messenger app that is used to send messages to fellow Google users. Previously, it was only available for Gmail account holders only. Nowadays however, Google users can use it as well. Aside from sending and receiving messages, GTalk can enable its users to send documents, images, and other multimedia files.

GTalk can also enable users to send messages to mobile phone numbers, or send SMS. Include your friends and entertain them in a group chat. Add color to your messages by using emoticons and animated files. You can also engage in a video chat with a single recipient, or with a group of up to 10 people.

The most interesting part is that you can use Google Talk 2014 to connect with loved ones not only through your computer, but through smart phones as well. You can even leave messages for them when they are not currently connected.


  • Available for free use for all Google users
  • Simple, user-friendly interface makes it easy to use


  • Non-Gmail account holders are required to sign-up
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A look forwarded Instant Messaging software at the modern age

By Rose Sincro

On Monday, May 19, 2014

This instant messaging application I use every day enables me to send messages, chat, or PC to PC conversations with my email contacts who are online.

It has a basic interface design with basic tools and I even see who from my contact lists are trying to talk with me by seeing who from them are typing and I can easily initiate a voice call with them.

With this new version of instant messaging application, no need to add each and every one of my contacts from my mailing list. Once I open my IM account, my contacts are pre-loaded immediately. In just a click of a button, I can now easily add and chat with my friends.

As a result, this instant messaging program is very effective for me since I am a loyal Gmail user. I use this IM to talk with my team for fast, reliable and open communication with them. No more miscommunications.


  • free and fast to install
  • chatting with friends and family is very easy


  • this application is too old
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • chatting with all my family and friends this is the quickest way to be able to communicate with them since i live very far away. miss them a

What do you like most about this program?
  • first time no similar program on pc previously used google talk very frequently but as no more found hence after looking it trying one again

  • internet calling, chatting,easy access, easy to use, let me try first then i can write more stories about this program and best utilisations

  • none this is a full bakwas i can not go on writing for wasteful innovations. it is better banned by some regulatory authorities aor it will die of its own death.

  • fast and easy, i can have it on till how long i want, my family loves it too. sending of animations, pictures, beeing available online or not

  • Voice call is very fantastic and I really enjoyed it. Hope this program will continue so that I can enjoy it in my future communications. ok


Please note: this program is now called Hangouts. You can download it here .

Google Talk is a free chat client software developed by Google. This is really useful software for those users who want to communicate through instant messaging and voice calls.

Google Talk is available for both computers and mobile devices. Chatting experience can now be enjoyed everywhere without needing to be connected to your desktop.

In addition, this application does not just support Google accounts. This free app is compatible with other formats like iChat, Gaim, Adium or Trillian, among others. You will be able to log on with any of them because they all share Jabber technology.

Functionalities of this Windows software

Once the download is completed, Google Talk allows for sending and receiving instant messages and voice messages, creating group chats, sharing files, exporting your contacts list from your Gmail account, even displaying the music you are listening to… Also phone and video calls are available; you just need to previously download and install some plugins.

On top of all this and unlike other instant messengers,Google Talk notifies emails. Alerts will be displayed whenever an email enters your inbox.

GTalk has a simple interface and customizing options

Some users claim this utility has an old-fashioned style, while some appreciate its simplicity. What is clear is that this chat facility is user-friendly, being suitable for both novice and experienced users. “Settings” provides templates to customize the layout. Similarly, there are various options to choose from when it comes to notifications and status (available, busy, idle, etc).

Similar software available

If Google Talk has become obsolete for you, there are some other reliable alternatives to try. Skype is a VoIP tool especially good for video calls. Also, it provides integration for most popular social networks.

With Yahoo! Messenger, you will be able to complete your chatting experience by playing fun games. Additionally, it synchronizes Yahoo accounts.

Google Talk 2015.513.1632.5 Features

The features of this instant messaging tool are listed below:

  • Instant messaging client thanks to XMPP support (even offline service)
  • Update your status
  • File sharing
  • Voice calls worldwide
  • Multiple audio conferences
  • Gmail and Google + integration
  • Encryption between the server and client
  • Compatibility with mobile devices
  • Commands to change the format of text

For further information, you can check the developer's website .


With GTalk users will be able to communicate by messages or calls at no cost and wherever they are, as this software is available for both computers and mobile phones.

  • Light use of resources
  • Interface is intuitive
  • Free
  • Old-fashioned