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Microsoft Word 2013 15.0.4805.1003

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Microsoft Word 2013: The word processor mainly chosen by professionals!

By Elizabeth Tweetee

On Monday, July 21, 2014

Microsoft Word 2013 is professional level word processor software which brings all advanced formatting tools under one roof. It is assumed to be the most used productivity software in Microsoft Office Suite. This latest version of MS Word has got serious facelift and performance tune-ups from the predecessor, Microsoft Office 2010. A bunch of new features are also added to the software along with those improvements.

MS Word is very suitable for freelancers and professionals as it saves their precious time of work. The software comes with a good dictionary using which it auto corrects spelling mistakes. You can directly embed online photos or videos to documents in this version. PDF editing is another interesting feature of MS Word 2013. All functions are well arranged in Microsoft’s renowned ribbon interface called ‘Metro’, instead of the traditional menu bar. But, metro UI is a bit harder to understand, and you will regain your workflow with old version of Word only by practice.

From my experience, this is the most reliable, powerful and feature-rich word processor in market. Even this review is created with Microsoft Word. If you are in search of an efficient word processor, go for Microsoft Word…You will definitely love it!


  • Advanced word processing capabilities included
  • Metro User Interface is simple and efficient
  • PDF editing capabilities have introduced
  • Attach online videos or pictures directly to docs


  • Price is not reachable for many people
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By Angel Angeles

On Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My increased desire to always present neat, clear and understandable projects in college landed me to being a lover of micro soft word. I have used this tool for approximately seven years now.During my school days all my projects were created using word and today I use it for proposals, writing business letters, memorandum of understandings and many more.

What every user of micro soft word cant fail to acknowledge is that as time goes by this tools gets better and better through the numerous evolutions. The exiting part of it is you can can put a comment within a comment when you feel something is not well explained or there is a point to note. All formatting tools of word are in one tab hence making it very easy for user. Users can even view how their documents appear before printing them because one can preview the document style and document design formats. With the increased use of tablets and advancement in technology micro soft didn't forget to make word compatible with tablets.


  • One can add video file in a word document
  • With word one can edit PDF files and even save them in word
  • it is compatible with tablets.


  • It is available only at a certain fee.
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Create and Share Content with the Help of Microsoft Word 2013

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Friday, August 1, 2014

This program has been on the market for many years, and I can say that it is very popular compared to other software out there. What I like about this is that it provides me the things that I need for my projects. Also, it brings a simple interface, new upgrades and features that make this program attractive to its users. Not only that, with Word 2013 I can now save and export my files in different formats that I want, such as DOCX, DOC, PDF, ODT, XPS, HTML and XML. Isn’t that great? In my perception, my experienced with this application has been so good. Microsoft Word 2013 remains the most powerful program to me, and there are things that this applications can do that the others can’t do. Well, if you want a better program that can help you with your work or projects, I suggest this Microsoft Word 2013 to you.


  • Very useful especially on my projects
  • Loads of new tools and features


  • Lack of educational references for the program
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • tYPING LETTERS to those who are "worthy" of my time, FORMS & OTHER CREATIVE THINGS, SUCH AS POETRY AND MY new book I hope will be out by Christmas.

  • i am usig this program for completing college assignment for account subject that i have to submit by tomorrow to my lecturer after finishing my class

  • I intend to use this programme for university arrangements, personal commitments, printing documents and general utility for the whole family to enjoy.

  • i am download this program doing my and more important things and print thing for home work to give my teacher at school pen wood high school

  • for producing resume letters and several documents in a Word text programmes I need to apply for a permanent job in more sections in the Netherlands

What similar programs have you used?
  • microsoft 2007 but i prefer 2013 than all pls alow me to download this software please. it is very fast and durable please allow me thankks n

  • for enjoyment,happiness,doing practices,for writing paragraphs,for teaching girls and boys in the computer lab,for helping each other.etc thank you

  • I have used multiple versions of word through the years and just purchased tablet with Windows 10 but does not have Word on it. Thank you very much for your service.

  • i have just graduated from faculty of commerce cairo university and iam seeking for new job because i have free time and i want to use it in a useful thing so i need this to help me creating my CV

  • i am currently using microsoft office 2010 and i want to try a newer version before downloading the office to make sure it fits my needs for work

What do you like most about this program?
  • it helps with my work and studies for my classes and its a very useful program and provides excellent features that any one can use daily

  • C.documentation of my final company report to be submitted within a set timeframe given to me and office is best suited for this work this is why.

  • it is easy to use and it has more features than word 2013 i like this application everyone use it includes schools tertiary and homes we lik

  • its speed I use it for my school assignments and documents which my teacher give me to do at home and i dont have any other website like this ,so...

  • for business and research purposes, it can also helps for printing details thru the web and also provide high standards in editing some sort


Microsoft Word 2013 is text processing software integrated with the popular MS Office productivity package. As with the rest of the suite, it has experienced an interface redesign, cloud services integration, is capable of running smoothly on touch-enabled devices. What’s more, it has new features, such as the improved “Read Mode”. It aims to provide an “e-reader” experience by building a distraction-free environment, removing toolbars and accessories and using columns to arrange text; just as if you were reading a real book. Additionally, opening and editing PDFs is finally possible; surely a function that most users will appreciate, as it avoids the need to download third-party software.

“E-reader” experience by building a distraction-free environment, removing toolbars and accessories and using columns to arrange text

However, some criticism has arisen regarding the disappearance of the Office 2007 and Office 2010 chart styles from Microsoft Word 2013. Similarly, several keyboard shortcuts such as those for correction options are no longer available in this version. This means that now users will have to manually access those functions in the toolbar.

Several people can edit the document simultaneously thanks to Cloud integration
Several people can edit the document simultaneously thanks to Cloud integration

Getting to know the new features

The Microsoft Word 2013 start menu has been redesigned. Now, if you do not want to start with a blank page, you can select a predefined template from the wide variety available. Along with the warmly welcomed “Read Mode”, which resizes text to fill the window, one of the most outstanding features of Microsoft Word 2013 is the fact it is now able to open and edit PDFs; so changing to other software is no longer necessary. Moreover, if you are working on a small part of a large document, then you can use the collapse and expand function to visualize only the parts you need. The only condition these features require is having used headings’ built-in formatting styles. Regarding, content distribution, you can use “Alignment Guides or “Live Layout” tools.

With the “Present Online” tool, you will be enabled to share documents with other people, and view them wherever you are, even on devices without Microsoft Word 2013 installed. Simply upload the file to the cloud and copy the link. This link will grant access to the document whenever you want and wherever you are. When it comes to collaborative and co-authoring projects, it is sometimes true that making sense of posted comments can be an ordeal if they are not clearly organized. That is why the version offers a threaded style and a new reply button. Comments will be located next to the topic of discussion so that you can easily find them. Once comments are addressed, you can mark them as completed. However, you can revisit them as many times as you want; they won’t disappear. In this sense, you can also make the most of the Simple Markup tool, as it allows for keeping track and visualizing all the changes made in a document.

There are different themes available for documents
There are different themes available for documents

Microsoft Word 2013 15.0.4805.1003 Features

The unique features of Microsoft Word 2013 are:

  • More comfortable on-screen reading with “Read Mode”
  • New tools added for Table Borders
  • Ability to view and keep track of document modifications with the “Simple Markup” tool
  • Ability to insert (and watch) videos directly from the Net without exiting the program
  • Expand and Collapse function
  • Automatic files saving in SharePoint or SkyDrive free online platforms (this feature requires Internet connection)
  • Inclusion of PDF editing capabilities and compatibility with OneDrive technology
  • “Alignment Guides” to make lining up visual objects in your text document easier
  • “Live Layout” gives a preview of the document as you move or resize elements, to show the final result
  • “Present Online” by sharing a link to the document
  • Ability to zoom in on the document when displayed in Read Mode with “Object Zoom”
  • Inclusion of a “Reply” option for Comments
  • “Resume Reading” allows you to pick up where you left off by bookmarking the last place you read
  • Great range of formats support: DOCX, DOC, PDF, XPS, TXT, HTML, RTF, XML or ODT, amongst others
  • Compatibility with additional Office applications such as PowerPoint, Excel spreadsheets and OpenOffice functionality suite

If you want to know more information about Microsoft Word 2013 before you download it, feel free to visit the developer’s site.

System Requirements

The minimum hardware requirements to correctly download and install this text processor in your computer are listed below:

  • Operating System: Windows Server 2008 or later
  • Processor: 1 GHz or faster x86 CPU
  • RAM Memory: 1 GB (32-bit); 2GB (64-bit)
  • Video Card: compatible with DirectX 10 and hardware acceleration
  • HDD: 3 GB of free space available
  • Windows Live ID and SharePoint Foundation 2013 accounts for coauthoring options