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For what are you going to use the program?
  • I need to record a mixtape with my friends and family so that we can shoot music videos for YouTube. I also want to make beats off this facsinating program

  • music production because I am an aspiring rapper who will whatever it takes to succeed! but I have no money so can't buy this program... music is my passion

What similar programs have you used?
  • the only other thing i have ever used i would have too say i do not know but thanks for reading my short little a speech im sure its a watse

What do you like most about this program?
  • it is very quick i love it a lot, I can't believe you have to write all this stuff about it but I hope it works smoothly and downloads quickly

  • easy to use and so many useful instruments for create music also the way this programme has been arranged is great for beginners as well as experts.


Logic Pro is a professional audio recording studio created by Apple for Mac users. This advanced software is designed to compose and produce music, with very high quality results. To that end, Logic Pro contains a huge set of comprehensive tools, loops and effects to write, record, edit, mix and master music from your computer.

This program is also an audio and MIDI sequencer, synthesizer and editor, and the result of the evolution of the ancient Logic Audio. As all the professional packages developed by Apple, Logic Pro is intuitive and easy to use, but after all it is a professional tool, with a steep learning curve. If you think it is too complicated to learn, there are many free video tutorials online.

Utilize the digital instruments that include the simulation of being played in different physical spaces, apply effects, synch audio and video to add a soundtrack to a film, compose soundtracks, synch tempo with your record, adjust the pitch tuning or change the melody with precision. It even allows you to create musical notation, by entering a note manually or with a MIDI instrument.

Adjust the pitch of your tracks
Adjust the pitch of your tracks

How to use

This DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) includes a new interface that offers more track interaction control and better visualization of the entire work. It includes thirty rhythm machines; 3,600 Loops; 1,500 instruments and effect patches, eight hundred sampled instruments and support for the Media Browser. Two new stand out features of Logic Pro X are the Drummer and Logic Remote for iPad. The Drummer is a tool that works as a virtual musician to accompany your creations. The Logic Remote allows you to take control of the recording, mixing and composing process with the iPad’s multitouch functions.

Contains a huge set of comprehensive tools, loops and effects to write, record, edit, mix and master music from the computer

This version also includes a new kind of track, called Stacks, that operates by grouping tracks as if they were in a folder, which is ideal for creating a sub mix. Smart Controls manage multiple parameters and plug-ins with a single movement. It is compatible with MainStage 3 and allows for performing music creations live.

Logic Pro X 10.1.1 Features

These are some of the features of Logic Pro X:

  • Composing: Create base rhythms, mix chords, and combine and edit loops to write your own songs. It offers a large number of digital instruments and customizable loops
  • Recording: You can record audio or MIDI of professional studio quality and with the option for managing takes
  • Design audio: Logic Pro offers a set of potent tools to assign notes, integrate various effects and plug-ins, replace percussion using samples, correcting synchronization problems during the recording, or you can create interesting fades
  • Audio treatment: This download offers a kit of advanced tools to edit audio files and audio tracks. Compile tracks, create a fade in/out and crossover, correct the pitch of the record, manage the synch of the tempo, amongst many others
  • MIDI treatment: It provides a great quantization service that allows you to correct the rhythm of the notes in the time grid. Draw, edit, sequence and transform MIDI
  • Mixing. It offers a powerful mixing console with tracks for audio, digital instruments, auxiliary instruments (255 of each) and unlimited MIDI tracks. It can be controlled by external devices, such as the iPad or other hardware
  • Create a surround-sound mix: Achieve 7.1 sound interlacing and multichannel routing, and monitoring of output volume levels with twelve-surround formats, with the graphic help of a Surround Panel and many surround effects
  • Automation: All the parameters of the mixer are integrated in the track-based automation system
  • Effects: Contains numerous plug-ins of digital instruments, creative effects, production effects and mastering, which allow to achieve a superior auditory sensation
  • Create scores: Logic Pro enables you to create musical notation and it provides advanced stave options, and tablature with chords
  • It is compatible with GarageBand, Logic Remote to iPad, Core Audio MIDI Controllers, Audio Units MIDI plug-in, Reason, Ableton Live and other compatible apps through ReWire; Final Cut Pro, and many audio formats

If you want know more about this software before you download it, feel free to check the developer’s website .

Synth and others instruments
Synth and others instruments

System requirements

The minimum system requirements for a correct download and installation are the following:

  • Operating System: OS X 10.8.4 or later (64 bit)
  • RAM Memory: 4 GB
  • HDD Space: 5 GB of free space